It’s funny but yesterday when the Premier of New South Wales announced a slight reduction in self- isolation restrictions I actually had mixed feelings. All of a sudden we could actually visit other human beings albeit one family at a time. What do I feel? Do I jump for joy? Weep in relief?

This may surprise you but I actually felt a bit saddened. After weeks of frustration, anxiety, depression and trauma as our family dealt with the isolation we had finally hit a place of resignation. We had got the kids used to homeschooling, We had gotten used to doing jigsaw puzzles and playing board games again. My output of articles had tripled in the last weeks. We had sorted out work spaces and routines and had even come to enjoy our lives.

So, now what do we do?

It’s like the animal caged for so long that when the door is open it stands staring and wondering what to do.

Isolation was our lives and now someone has placed a door in front of us and left the key in the lock. Do we go through or stay inside? If we open it will we end up where we were with the manic pace, the constant desire to entertain and be entertained? Can we ever find a middle ground?

In the last few weeks we finally had control of our pace of life. It didn’t need to be full speed ahead. We could have days of quiet and the kids played outside. Conversation was a gift and a treasured time, you booked it and focused on people because of it.

Our family home was our own place. We were a world of our own, intimate and sacred. With all the conflict and rawness it was still an honest and heartfelt place. Is that gone in our hunger to “socialise”?

I believe before we kick start everything, lets measure and evaluate. Let’s add ingredients slowly and get the mixture of relationships, environment and work right. Let’s not go to default recipes and miss this opportunity to make something new and better.

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