Stoicism in Hard Times

In this time of self-isolation we must make sacrifices and I am more than aware and willing to do my part.

The schools will need to close and you need to Home-School:
Certainly, In fact the time with my family will only make us stronger.

The Parks will need to close:
That’s fine, we can spend the time doing bushwalking and doing more exercise.

There are limited supplies of some essential items:
Well, some sacrifices must be made. We’ll just ration and use self-control.

All entertainment facilities will be closed.
We have streaming services, besides going back to books will be fantastic.

Non essential travel will be banned.
Good, we need to spend more time enjoying our environment.

BTW, as a result your espresso machine repair shop will be closed due to staffing problems.


Crowd of People.
Crowd of people courtesy of

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