Typing With Dirty Hands

You can’t see me at the moment but I’m sitting in my lounge room on a Saturday morning. I had to do some bike repairs so went for a test ride with my son. As a result I am sitting at my laptop with my hands still covered in bike grease even after a scrub. What do they make that stuff out of?

I was looking at my hands and thinking about my life gone by and wondering how my hands would look if you could see my soul in them? Maybe the same, maybe worse. Some stains have been easy to clean while others have been quite stubborn. So why am I bothering to blog? What right have I to sit down and talk about faith and spirituality with so much dirt on my soul?

Well firstly, it’s the stains in my life that have led me to my need of grace. My inability to live well and pure has meant I am fully dependent on God’s grace to grant me acceptance and strength. Secondly, I will speak more about God’s love and His work. The Cross and Christ’s sacrifice because I can’t offer anything of myself to you. Last, my experience is that the wounds are more likely to bind us together then any other human experience.

So, my point?

Many out there are called by God to teach or preach the story of grace but look at their hands and stop. No action or fruit comes from them. Others want to obey but look to pulpits as the goal and end up frustrated when they can’t get on a roster or aren’t invited to preach. Could I say to you that turning away from that prompting is the worst thing you could do. You see, it isn’t just about you trying to achieve your potential. It’s about Him and your obedience. Consider this, The Spirit has given gifts to all and wants all His people to live out His purposes. Then go one step further and consider why do we believe that these gifts are only meant for during a church service and under a steeple?

If God really meant His teachers and preachers to all be on a pulpit then why gift so many of them? Any congregation only needs a few to build up the community, but we have so many sitting in pews (I could write this about almost any spiritual gift so supplement the passion God has given you and keep reading). Maybe God got the math wrong, but I doubt it. More likely we did. We counted the congregation, He was counting the world.

Thanks to the internet we are now able to reach almost every part of the globe with our thoughts and ideas. Podcasts, Blogs, Video Streaming and Social Media are granting everyone a voice. Influencers abound dictating social trends, so where is the Gospel? Where are the Preachers, The passionate, fiery Spirit Filled voices of God. Not the critics, the opinionators and religious pundits telling you God’s Laws and why we are going to Hell. The real prophets speaking the voice of the King. The Preachers bringing the Gospel to a dying world. The Teachers showing what God’s Word means and encouraging the Body of Christ to grow and live.

You may be thinking that it’s not that I’m seeking a pulpit, it’s actually the opposite. I feel the passion but I see my life and I don’t feel “ready”. I’m not spiritually together so I can’t give anything.

If that’s you then join the club. I held back for ages because of the “I’m not ready”. May I share what I’ve learned? You never will be. If you actually believe that God needs your abilities then you may need to rethink. I’ll repeat, It’s about Him and your obedience. The only thing you need is dependence, the only thing you can offer is a yes. If all you have is weak faith and a heart to know him then come with that. If you feel you’d be typing with dirty hands then come and in honest humility offer what you have and see what He does. I believe you’ll be just as surprised as I am.

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