Rough’d Up

Camping, there’s nothing like it. Mind you, you could say the same thing about Diphtheria. Is it the setting up a family tent in 35°c? Is it the five centimetre mattress that pretends it’s stopping the tree roots from dislocating your spine? Is it the overpriced soft drinks and bad coffee from the kiosk? What about the neighbours tent that believes full voice shouting is a valid form of communication at midnight?


Let’s not forget, these are the shortcomings if you find a “good” camping site. The other ones are the ones that triple your insurance premiums and the connections with diphtheria get a lot more closer.

To be clear I do go camping. I’m a Dad and a husband to campers. My wife loves the stars, the crickets, the sounds of the wind and the whole “roughing it”. As a result, the kids have joined in on the “fun”. I do enjoy moments, like sitting on a camp-chair looking at the stars, the smell of BBQ meat being cooked for dinner, walking with my kids to the beach in the morning. But on the whole I’d prefer to do that from a holiday rental with air-con.

However, the times I enjoy mostly centre around being with family and friends. Their the ones that share the BBQ, walks, beach swims and board games. So I guess the lesson is that the most uncomfortable times are bearable when you are with ones who you love.

So, I wonder if Diphtheria works that way?

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