Online Sundays

I’m trying to think of another time in my life where I’ve … Gone to church in my pajamas Got home in a microsecond Had a chat about the sermon WHILE the sermon was on Been able to go to the bathroom during the service without being embarrassed Totally avoided having to apologise for my singing. So, other then the biscuits is there a reason … Continue reading Online Sundays

The River

I have noticed before the passage of a river over a rock bed. As I sit watching my wife pan for gold (she does have faith, doesn’t she) in a river I watch the rapid flow bounce and swirl around the rocks. The rocks aren’t moved, they aren’t dislodged, they barely change at all. But the river still goes on.The river simply adjust it’s flow … Continue reading The River


There are many words we get wrong or confused. Two of these are “Holy” and “Sacred”. Holy means perfect and complete. Without fault or lack. Sacred means set apart particularly for a divine purpose. In my life I have found little that is Holy. But Sacred? Yes, I have seen much that is sacred. The first clear moment of sacred was when I took my … Continue reading Sacrament